Remember the time when you use to be young and reckless. For me it was just this morning. I was restless and need to try something new. Not to mention I am currently in a bad state (read unemployment). So I decide I should do something rather than just wait for the right oppurtunity to appear. I had a degree in creative writing, and I have done numerous little writing, and freelancing projects, then I ask myself “what now?”. As an answer, more than a couple months ago I decide to attend a six months photography course (and I am half way through! yeah!).

Fast forward to this morning, as I said I am still young and reckless. Which made me check back all of my past facebook timeline history, and let just say it remind me of all the bad decisions I have made. I must admit, it just terorize my self esteem. Until I read this post.


So actually and factually I am proud of myself that I am struggling to reach my dream. and I do hope I am on the right track.

In being young and reckless, I atleast starting to recognize my mistakes and learning to steer my way onto the path I want to be on. Now another reckless decision I am making is I want to share more of what little I know. I’m not sure what impact it will make, but goddamnit, I will do it anyway!



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